Good morning virus

December 5, 2011 – 9:58 am

Logged into my desktop computer at the office this morning and Microsoft’s Security Essentials was talking to me, asking me to interact with it. It wasn’t a big deal, just a small deal. Well, not a deal but I guess just a thing. Ya, a thing, not a deal. Anyway, the thing wasn’t big either. A couple mouse clicks and then the virus … went away. It was Microsoft genius. Or the genius of whoever wrote the software that Microsoft put their name upon.

Not really genius, but sort of. I won’t get into the false virus alert, just say that “modem removal” scripts are not really what I could classify as a virus or threat.

Have some pictures of my fun this morning.

This was the lovely virus warning that welcomed me this morning:

When I clicked to clean, I thought maybe my computer would look less dusty:

I’m clicking whatever Microsoft recommends for me to click on, I’m a sheep:

Now that the evil non-virus was removed, I can see green instead of red, time to go:

If you wonder what you should do with Microsoft Security Essentials, just click. If you need the software and you have a legitimate version of Microsoft Windows, you can download and use Security Essentials for free.

Download: Microsoft Security Essentials

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