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November 18, 2011 – 1:03 pm

computer support offerHow about recovery? I don’t mean recovery from an alcohol induced night of fun and Bud Light. I’m a major proponent for alcohol, fun, and Bud Light. I’ll show you about the Bud Light thing sometime soon, but for now, this is not about Bud Light. This is about how and what I should do to make more money and have more free time. This won’t answer all the questions, just some of them.

When people or animals inquire about computer issues with me, I’m quick to help and offer all of the phone support necessary. That’s not really enough though, so what if I could offer a more hands-on approach?

I’ve seen places to advertise if I want to start a company, sell goods, sell labor, sell anything. Buy anything. Buy everything. What I want now is to find how to work from my house while still making a good financial living but without the misgivings of commuting over 15 hours every week for employment that is between 52-72 miles from where I live.

Starting a company is nothing new, I’ve started several (though success isn’t measured by opening or closing companies). What would be new for me, and new for others, and just fresh and new, would be if I started a business out of my house that enabled me to help others with computers or nearly anything technical. And not technical too. Sometimes. Maybe. Depending.

The computer business, that’s where I should be able to easily start making some money. Let me try to offer my knowledge about computers and the Internet and provide someone or some group or some company the opportunity to seek my assistance.

Am I smart? Hell yes.

Am I a good worker? Well, that’s debatable amongst some people, but all of my employers have liked me (sans Sears).

What could I offer to you or a company? Knowledge.

I’m willing to fix your computers, network, domain, whatever it is. I’m pretty good, I’m not developing any software for people and I’m not showing someone how to make it rich via the Internet (if I knew that stuff, I would offer it to make me rich and then richer). No, I’m willing to assist with computer support using both the Internet and if you need my help and want me to stop by, just be within my driving commute and I’ll get there for you.

What could I do? Wow, that’s a good question.

Well, I work with a lot of software and hardware products. I help a company that has multiple locations around the world stay connected and communicate. I work in a business environment where I interact with the heads of other IT departments in companies. I work with the co-workers at the office that need assistance in printing or setting up a printer; I consult with companies that have spying or Trojan issues; I’ve done work with computer-users that don’t give regular names but a thank you from haxoredlife is always welcome still.

I know what the deep web is, TOR, onion, and other things people will pretend to know about but really have very little understanding.

Sometimes I use Wikipedia, sometimes I contribute to Wikipedia but only in writing, never in financial contributions.

I know how social networks operate, how to manipulate them, and how to abuse them in good or bad ways.

There’s not a lot that I haven’t been reading or trying or forgetting about in the world of computers, electronics, and general technology.

I know why facebook has spam and why people will never remove their facebook information no matter how much they want to.

I have recovered pictures from “crashed” hard disk drives that people have thanked me profusely for, saving an image that represents one fraction of a second of time in someone’e world could mean a lot more than one might think.

So what will I do? I’m probably going to find someone that has people networking skills and will start letting the peeps in my geographic location know that I’m going to be available.

And if someone compares me to the entire Best Buy Geek Squad, I will guarantee them that I’m much smarter and more capable and maybe, just maybe, I might be less expensive too… but the price doesn’t matter, you won’t worry about pricing, the quality will always exceed the monetary loss.

Now if I could only think of a good company name for Dave’s computer and other stuff fixing guy thing.

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