News isn’t always news sounding

May 16, 2011 – 2:04 pm

News isn't always news soundingI’ve been reading a lot more recently. Not because I enjoy reading (*) but more because it’s needed. While I do skim many articles just for the quick info, there are definitely pieces worth devoting more time and attention to… these are not any of those stories. No, these are a different kind of story…

I don’t know how quick most stories I read about tech-related items are actually written in. I know that sometimes I need to read a story a couple times because of the disbelief, and sometimes I just read a story because one or two lines will grab my attention.

I’m giving you a small list of the articles I’ve read today, but only gave linking text from part of the article, and it’s probably not the most attention-grabbing words, but since the lines came from the web pages than the writers are taking full responsibility in what they write.

RIM said most of the problem devices were still in warehouses or stores and hadn’t reached customers.

British scientist Stephen Hawking has branded heaven a “fairy story”

fat plays an important role in peoples’ susceptibility to metabolic diseases like obesity, heart disease and diabetes, the regulating gene could be target for drugs

On the reason why it took over two months after the earthquake to reveal the information

Donald Trump bowed out of the 2012 contest in true Trump fashion, saying that while he would not be a candidate this year, if he had run, he would have been able to win

It’s been almost two months since the world took a collective dump on Rebecca Black

partly replacing cashiers and the use of banknotes at its 7,000 fast-food restaurants

Fox announced the cancellation Monday and will be replacing the show on the network’s regular schedule with reruns

I won’t continue giving just a small snippet from the articles, you should be reading your own stuff and the idea that these links are news related sort of makes them useless by the time I post this article, but the idea is still entertaining enough that I wrote about it.

* I’m not sure if I really enjoy reading anymore, as most of the reading I do these days is for helping school-grade kids or just trying to keep up with my industry. I do read books that aren’t technical, but not as often as I read tech books.

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