How to make Symantec go away

April 27, 2011 – 2:43 pm

How to make Symantec go awayI’ve dealt with many software programs and viruses (virii?) and trojans and malware and shareware and freeware and payware and stupidware and now I have had the displeasure of dealing with Symantec software removal. Removing Symantec is a chore that proves that you should never install Symantec. Check out what I needed to do in order to remove it.

I tried to remove the almost useless Symantec Endpoint software because…. well, it’s almost useless. I’ve been using Symantec products at one time or another since Trend Micro exploded and rendered a Windows 2000 Server worthless and McAfee installed with virus definitions version 0.0.0 on December 31, 1969.

After the alleged removal of Symantec Endpoint and all of its mess failed I was left with the annoyances left from a sloppy install/uninstall. As an example, anytime I would activate the menu often seen when a right-click occurs I would receive Symantec’s attempting to install error.

I started with a Google search to find ways to fix the Symantec annoying remnants. What I found was that many people posted their frustrations and difficulties with Symantec’s software uninstallation, but very few people had the answer. I usually just read someone else’s blog posts or forum questions/answers information on how to get over, under, and around a problem. Symantec proved the help needed is not always a Google search away.

Most of the links I found on Google were for people having the same problem I was having, but the answers that were accompanying the people seeking advice were all lousy. All of the answers. ALL OF THEM!

I went through the Symantec process, which I refuse to give a link to (I would sooner link to a hacker site that promises to take away all of your birthdays and special occasions). It is terrible that Symantec refers its customers to a Microsoft registry cleaning tool, which Microsoft removed from its site a long time ago, as the FINAL way for offering help. Shame on your Symantec. Shame.

Anyway, Symantec’s first suggestion for problems is to re-install the software, then try to remove it. Though I didn’t have the software originally, I was able to find my copy of it. I re-installed it as per instructions, then when trying to un-install it (again)….

Since that failed and Symantec poorly keeps their brands mixed (Norton and Symantec) I followed the next mixed direction, recommending I download and run the Norton software removal tool. Since it wasn’t the easiest thing for me to find and I feel bad for anyone using the Symantec (or Norton) products that might want to escape their treacherous hold, I have included a link to the Norton crap removal tool at the end of this article.

I started the Norton removal tool and though I did not see the name/version of the software I was trying to remove (Symantec Endpoint), I continued trying to run the software recommended to me by the company.


I decided that I would escalate my issue and made a phone call. Which was pointless. I was only on the phone for a little time before my specialized account assistant (who helps with the Enterprise accounts) who informed me that the clean wipe tool would be the only solution Symantec has for me, except for suggesting a new Windows installation…. not a chance.

So I contacted support, waited the “amount of time” needed, then was given access to the Symantec Clean Wipe tool. The best part about this tool is that it doesn’t make the computer worse off like the actual software its attempting to remove. Also, I like any tool that will work on removing remnants.

Now this next part, I just started clicking Yes because of the excellent options presented.

Do you want CleanWipe to uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection? This will force a restart with CleanWipe automatically resuming processing. YES

If Virus Defs remain after uninstalling Symantec products do you want to uninstall the Virus Defs? (Recommended) YES

Do you want to uninstall SymEvent? (Recommended) YES

Do you want to uninstall SymEvent? (Recommended) YES

If LiveUpdate remains after uninstalling Symantec products do you want to uninstall LiveUpdate? (Recommended) YES

Do you wnt to uninstall Windows related files? (Recommended) YES

Do you want to do a detailed MSI Product Code registry search? It can take up to 30 minutes. (Not Recommended) YES

After CleanWipe completes, do you want to restart the computer? (Strongly Recommended) NO

Now the reason for the NO response above is that I didn’t know when the software program was going to be finished with my computer and I have other things that I was working on, so I decided instead when I would restart the computer (and since it prompted me nicely when it was ready and I happened to be ready at the time I was asked, I could have let the software restart for me).

After the computer restarted the CleanWipe software continued to run and eventually “cleaned” the registry and maybe even other areas that it had previously violated the drive.

It’s been 3 minutes since I removed the Symantec and its been a lovely 3 minutes, so go ahead and uninstall and remove that Symantec crap, BUT FIRST have some alternative antivirus software, just in case you can’t keep your computer free from bad stuff without help.

I’m running Microsoft Security Essentials. It’s an acceptable software program and hasn’t let anything get by in the virus/malware world, yet. Though I would rather recommend something that costs a lot of money, this is the logical choice for now.

Norton Removal software
Symantec Clean Wipe software
Microsoft Security Essentials software
MalwareBytes software (also recommended)

buy Symantec if you still feel compelled!

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  2. Good morning.
    I am trying to remove Symantech from my home computer as well. Every time I try to do it using the standard “remove” tool, bad things happen. It acts like its trying to install, not uninstall. And it almost acts like a virus affecting my machine. Ohter unrelated programs seem to pop up out of nowhere. Do you think the Clean Wipe program will work?

    By Scott Butler on Dec 8, 2011

  3. Use the clean wipe program… you can find it in newsgroups or online or by contacting symantec directly. good luck Scott!

    By dms on Dec 13, 2011

  4. Symantec Endpoint Protection is beyond frustrating. I experienced what you described above during my initial failed attempts to get rid of it (and while searching for a way to get rid of it). I finally resorted to attempting to open a trouble ticket with Symantec so that I can get Cleanwipe but the form to open a ticket won’t let me get past “Fill a valid product version” even though I’m entering the exact product version displayed in SEP’s “Help, About.” I need to find the “open a trouble ticket about the trouble ticket tool” as maybe that will actually let me open a trouble ticket! 🙂

    By Cameron on Nov 27, 2012

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