Bills and bills and more bills

October 12, 2010 – 12:07 pm

Bills and bills and more billsI can handle the bills. I can handle the bills and more bills. I don’t know how to handle the bills and bills and more bills. Not yet at least. I was thinking about how I could better track my bills and bills and more bills, and then the solution came to me!

Since I don’t associate this amazingly great and perfect blog with the other blogs and websites that I have, I can’t show you what I have come up with, but I can tell you that it’s another website, this one will be following the act of paying off bills and avoiding the eventual collapse that many Americans are going through financially.

Maybe I will give the URL at some point, but for now, I would rather not share that closely with those that I know or that might know me. I’m not proud of the position that I’m in financially right now, but I will still do my best to get out of it without having to fail and give up.

At some point I will be sharing with readers of this site the actual numbers of sites and money those sites generate (or cost), but that’s not what this site is currently about.

Thanks for the understanding… I think that this will be the center of the empire that I have started building.

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