This is a job for brakes.. errr.. a brake job

January 14, 2009 – 6:04 pm

This is a job for brakes.. errr.. a brake jobThese pictures I took while replacing the brakes in my car. The brakes were replaced on Sept 11th (front) and on Sept 18th (rear). The reason for the week difference is the initial order was for only the front set of pads – from a misunderstanding. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

driver's side wheel well
driver’s side wheel well

slotted rotor, Brembo brake caliper
slotted rotor, Brembo brake caliper

caliper top view, dirty
brake caliper top view.. it’s a little dirty

compressed pistons
compressed the pistons fully to get the new pads on which will be much thicker

Raybestos brakes
I couldn’t find any ceramic brake pads for my car, so I went with Raybestos professional grade

Raybestos part numbers
in the event you need the Raybestos part number for a Dodge Magnum

pads in the box
the pads are shipped with decent packing material and showed up without any war wounds

clean Brembo caliper
I took a long time to clean the calipers well, they look much better this way

new pads in
the new pads are in the calipers, the pistons were compressed far enough that the pads just slid in without any problems

Brembo caliper red
definitely better than the stock brakes that come on most cars

dirty wheel
the wheels were pretty dirty… yes, this is the inside of the wheel

clean wheel
the SRT looks good when it’s not caked with dirt on the wheel

passenger side brakes
now that the driver’s side was finished, it was time to work on the passenger side

brake reservoir
really plan ahead.. the brake reservoir needed to be emptied before compressing the pistons

clean and dirty.. the wheels were in bad shape for regular cleaning and care

Raybestos pads in the box
the Raybestos anti-noise shims were a nice surprise

suspension parts
while the wheel is off, take some time to check out the car and look for anything and everything

clean brake caliper
I spend a lot of time cleaning the brake calipers because they are visible through the wheel openings

clean wheel and caliper
the end result is a nice looking wheel, inside and out

up on jacks
getting this low car on jacks is NOT easy

21mm socket
taking off and putting on the wheel lugs is made much easier with a socket on the end of air tools

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  2. You do good work!

    By Dad on Apr 6, 2009

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