Just an afternoon

May 2, 2008 – 5:27 am

just an afternoonI went out with a family member last weekend. It was a nice day out, a chance to talk and get some nice dinner and drive around for a bit. We also went shopping, but I’ll get to that too. First I want to let you know that in the right doses, family is one of the best things in the world. Of course, like any good thing, there can be too much, but this wasn’t one of the too-much times.

We started out with a quick show and tell, which is something that people never grow out of, no matter how old they manage to get. When people aren’t in school anymore, it usually means that most show and tell is with more extensive or expensive items, and usually they are less generally enjoyed and more appreciated by a select group. Like when I show and tell about a new set of bump keys, it’s not something that most girls would care about.

After show and tell ended, we made our way out to a restaurant known as The Cheesecake Factory. Since I’m trying to lose weight (I’m now at… well, I’ll tell you that another time) I ordered a

Boston Lettuce Hearts Tossed with Chopped Bacon, Egg,
Blue Cheese, Crispy Croutons and Ranch Dressing

It’s really a good salad, and though it’s not the best dietary option, it’s better than the excellent cheeseburgers that they sell. I don’t mean better in taste, just in health.

Along with the salad I had one quarter of a club sandwich, with lightly toasted bread. I didn’t ask for the bread to be lightly toasted, but was very glad that it was. Overall, the lunch and company for lunch was grade A.

After the food was taken away it was time for some fun, which for me is balancing a salt shaker on it’s ridge. I was told that this was a bar trick, but I started doing this when I was 18… about 4-5 years before I ever went into a bar.
balance salt shaker on it's edge

cheesecakeBecause there was too much light left in the day, we headed out shopping. I have never previously been inside a Bristol Farms market, but I found some things worth taking pictures of and something worth shopping there for too. I don’t know how the pricing compares to my favority market, Albertson’s, but I think it’s much more expensive. I know the cheesecake is more expensive than I have ever seen before.

Now the reason that I will visit is because the best selection of beer that I have ever seen in a grocery store looked me straight in the face and challenged me to think of something that they didn’t have already chilled and ready to drink.
beer selection

temperature 91 degreesThough it was still hot outside, we had one last stop to make, this one at Gelson’s grocery store, which I would never shop in on a regular basis because the pricing is intense. I had to get credit approval just to walk in the store! I was looking for Krusteaz frozen French toast, which they didn’t have. I’ve run out of places to find Krusteaz French toast now. Before you tell me that you’ve seen it, make sure that you aren’t going to tease me with hope. I don’t want the French toast sticks and don’t want the cinammon flavored either, just plain, frozen, French toast from Krusteaz. No luck? I didn’t think so.. oh well, thanks for trying.

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