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February 14, 2008 – 2:07 pm

picture galleyYa, I know.. not many updates recently.  I’ve just been too busy with work and other things to write anything down about life.  I’ll be changing this site’s looks soon, the dark colors aren’t working for me anymore.  Considering how little time I spend on this site, it’s odd that I would care about the looks.

I’m not even too sure what I was hoping to accomplish with this site.. maybe I should think about that more.

Well, here are the pictures I mentioned I’d show.

This is from a wall that is against a liquor store, next to a medical clinic
painted wall

Alright now, this isn’t that extraordinary, it’s just a Chevron.  But it’s in a semi-rundown town where most people aren’t rolling around in higher end vehicles.  So I found it sort of out of place, with the electronic sign with pricing.
Chevron station

Here was a nice piece of architecture I found crossing over a bridge which is over a really disgusting washway.
bridge crossing

A computer error message I received while checking into a co-worker’s computer problems.
computer error

Construction work sometimes seems more interesting than it should.

When you commute as much as I do, there are some times you just feel alone.
empty road

Driving home at night the light and dark just seem amazing.
night time drive

During the morning commute the skyline looks incredible at times.
morning skyline

Interesting signs at gas stations, including those with dates going back to the 90’s.
gas station warning sign

Skittles are the computer geek’s candy of choice.
Skittles on my desk

Picture of a U.S. quarter taken with my Canon Digital EOS XTi camera.
United States quarter

Finally, a few pictures taken of the side of the road near work.
smoke in the sky

smoke in the sky

smoke in the sky

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