Baja Fresh dinner

December 26, 2007 – 11:27 pm

Baja Fresh dinnerTonight I got one of my favorite dinners.  For those of you not aware, Baja Fresh is an above average restaurant.  There are many Baja Fresh locations, the food is pretty much the same from local to local, I like dependability.

The restaurant is clean and as always, really in good shape.  I didn’t take any pics of the place, but I should have.  Next time I’ll take pictures of the inside of the place.

Since the amount is pretty fair for the Baja burrito, the only extra for me is the enchilada style (which Baja’s receipt shows as “Enchilado”):
Baja Fresh receipt

Something interesting tonight was the broken water faucet.  Though I don’t get drinks at Baja Fresh when I’m taking food home, sometimes I’ll get a cup for water.  I didn’t choose to get water this time, but did make mention that their water dispenser was perpetually on:
Baja Fresh water dispensor

Baja use to have the nicest, thick white napkins.  I actually had a co-worker that would stop by Baja Fresh once a week just to steal their napkins.  He was Chinese and his mother (also Chinese) seemed to really have an obsession with their napkins.  Things have changed though, as the environment changes so does Baja Fresh.  No more nice fluffy white napkins, now it’s recycle time:
Baja Fresh recycled napkins 

I chose to get the steak Baja burrito, and because I like the extra cheese, I ordered it enchilada style.  If you haven’t tried it, you really should.  The extra cheese and whatever-sauce is good and makes for a good meal that just requires a fork and knife:
steak Baja burrito enchilada style

Of course, I ate the whole thing and felt too full to move around, thankfully I had some Diet 7-up next to me so I didn’t need to get up and actually move around too much.  This helped me to be lazy and just sit and digest food.

I wonder if its true that the body digests food better while sitting up than it does laying down.

Baja Fresh finished dinner

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