Santa’s letter is on its way

December 5, 2007 – 8:28 pm

I’m not one to just talk about something and not actually do it.  So I placed my order for the Santa Claus letter and I actually felt good just ordering it… when my kid receives it I’m likely to have to hide my smile.  I chose traditional letter number 1 because it just seemed the cutest.You need to still go order a Santa Claus sent letter but I will show you the 3 minute process I took and ordered one for my kid.  The process was quick and painless and surprisingly wasn’t filled with pop-ups or annoying advertisements.

I went to the site and looked through the 6 traditional letters (shown below).  I didn’t choose one of the Christian letters because I wanted something less serious, something my kid could understand and read without anyone’s help.  Being 6 years old means that reading something on your own is more special than having someone read it to you.

First the order form.  Quick and easy.  After entering my name and address, I started making my choices.
Santa letter order form

I checked out the letters. They were short and easy reads. I could have just stopped at the first letter but decided to read them all.
Santa letter traditional 1
Santa letter traditional 2
Santa letter traditional 3
Santa letter traditional 4
Santa letter traditional 5
Santa letter traditional 6

Next was checking out time, but I got interested in the “good list” certificate, so I got that too.
Santa letter good list

The total seemed reasonable at this point, so I figured it was time to click the button and buy.
place order

Order complete. Nice. Time for me to start counting the days down until my kid gets the letter from Santa Claus.
Santa letter order complete

And a thank you to you too Santa!
Thank you

Link: Santa letter

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