What’s in a Google PageRank ranking?

October 28, 2007 – 8:46 pm

Google recently revamped or altered or changed its PageRank.  Those that suffered from the change are blogging negatively about it.  Those that didn’t feel a change are probably blogging negatively about it.  I got my first ranking for this domain name, so I like it!  True, I only have a PR or 1, but there must some start.

My old domain name had a PR of 3, though I don’t know why.  It only averaged about 200 unique visitors a month, which is respectable for a small blog like I run.  This blog is averaging more, mostly because of my Outlook and Exchange error posts (I hope they help those of you needing it).  There’s also the pictures of Gabriel Anwar, that helps with the Google images links.

There a small community of blogs that I post to on a regular basis, they received their first PR also.  The numbers for the three sites are 3, 2, 3.  That’s pretty good, but maybe not.  One of the three connecting sites has about 60,000 hits a month now.  So how does that rank with another site I have up and running but only one post upon (as opposed to the hundreds on the three-wide site), it’s a 3 also.  That site has been up for a while, so maybe that’s another PR secret.  Nothing links to it though.

So I’m satisfied for now with my PR of 1.  Are you satisfied?  If you aren’t, you probably wrote something derogatory about the whole Google PageRank grading system and think that it’s a bunch of junk.  I know that it means something to me, it means that I am now officially 10% completed of being a perfect Google graded site.

Google PageRank assumed algorithm

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