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October 16, 2007 – 2:31 pm

phone realityI’ve been thinking of getting a new phone.  Right now the decision is whether I should be getting something like the Nokia E70, AT&T 8525, Apple iPhone, or some HTC product.  The truth is that there are so many different devices available that making a decision can be very easy or overly complicated.  I make things difficult though.

So while researching phones, or actually PDA devices, I found a couple of interesting websites and also revisited a website that I haven’t been to in a long time.

The long lost website which I ventured back to is PostSecret.  If you haven’t been to PostSecret, you are missing out.  If you have been there than nothing is really new, well, there are new pictures and posts and comments, but the same format and purpose.

PostSecret is a website dedicated to having people send in post cards anonymously.  The idea is that you write some secret onto a postcard and send it in to PostSecret, which then displays your postcard onto the Internet for other people to comment on.

Several of the postcards make people think or will have people associate their feelings.  Some cards are stupid or pathetic.  Other’s actually can make you question your current reality.  Here’s one of my favorites I found while surfing their site:

PostSecret iPhone
This is really a sadness and reality in life.. can you associate?

This post actually had someone post their phone number on the Internet (on a heavily traveled website) that wound up having several people from all over the world call.

One of the interesting websites I found was PhoneDog.  I like some of their site functions and comparisons, though just trying to find general information about a phone without having to read about service plans is annoying.  I’m guessing they get paid by cell services, so I understand their reasoning, I just don’t have to like it.

My favorite site for checking out phones is Lets Talk, they have the most amount of information and probably the easiest to use interface.  Though there isn’t a lot of sort functions on the site, it does prove to be very useful for it’s in-depth coverage of all cell phones.

So now I know more about cell phones (smart phones and PDAs) but just have more confusion added to the mix, as now I don’t know if I want a Nokia N95, Nokia N70, Nokia N80ie, Palm Treo 750, AT&T Tilt, Blackberry Curve 8310, or an HTC product. 

Links: PostSecret; PhoneDog; Lets Talk; HTC

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