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October 10, 2007 – 2:58 pm

Titanic watchWhile surfing around the Internet I found a watch that I was sure would be sold out or unavailable by this time.  The watch was announced in the beginning of the year and now, almost near the end of the year, it’s still available.  I think.  I can’t find how to buy one, so maybe it’s just for looks now.

The watches are from Romain Jerome in Switzerland.  Romain Jerome is attempting to get the attention of a special audience by making watches and other accessories from massive accidents (I’m looking for the MC Hammer Hindenberg pants). 

Technical information on the watches is extremely lacking.  By lacking, I mean there’s a MS Word document available for download that has relatively little informaion:

Watch description: Titanic-DNA – Tourbillon rusted steel version
Bezel made of extreme rusted steel forged with authentic parts of the Titanic.
Case made of titanium and blackened steel.
Black dial integrating recovered coal from the Titanic.
BNB 1000 RJ Tourbillon movement.
Diameter 46 mm. Black paws with titanium screws.
Can be set with brilliant or trapeze-cut diamonds.

Here are a few pictures of the watches, they look quite amazing and if there was a way to find out pricing and availability, I might show some interest.

While surfing around the Intenret, I was unable to find a price but a lot of websites think that the pricing will be really high and mostly make the watch cost prohibitive.

If you find the price or actually decide to buy one of these watches, please let me know!

Not that I would buy one of these, but I could imagine a few people I know with extra income that they can’t find enough things to spend their money upon.  Perhaps that’s where these watches are meant to eventually wind up, in the hands of people with more money than common sense.

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  2. please can u mail me a price list

    By Damian Fernandes on Oct 8, 2010

  3. thank you

    By Damian Fernandes on Oct 8, 2010

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