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July 31, 2007 – 1:07 pm

BestBuy order listI just ordered a few things from BestBuy.  Now here’s where this actually might be interesting to you… BestBuy shipped to an old address of mine instead of my current address.  The order was placed on a Saturday, I realized the incorrect address was used (though I thought I removed the old address, and it’s no longer on my account, it still was chosen as the ship to).

So on I called BestBuy (1-888-237-8289) and got placed on hold for 24 minutes and 14 seconds while waiting for online ordering support to help me out.  The items I ordered were sent via USPS, which is United States Postal Service, more commonly referred to as US Mail.  BestBuy’s order page linked to the UPS, which is United Parcel Service (“What can brown do for you?”).  Of course UPS’s page just told me that I had an incorrect tracking number.  More on that in a moment.

The BestBuy online order representative I spoke with was Nikola.  Nikola was very friendly and helpful, she sounded like she was smiling while talking on the phone.  Nikola told me that even though I had deleted my shipping address, it was probably the primary address when my shopping cart was filled and could have somehow not been removed when the order was placed.  My order is expected to arrive at my no-longer-address somewhere between August 1 and August 8, leaving me with the following options:

  1. I can order again and pay for both shipment of items, giving the new owners of my old house a bunch of movies;
  2. Contact the current residents of my former home and ask them to give me the items when they arrive;
  3. Wait until after August 8 and then call BestBuy requesting another shipment be sent, this time to the correct address.

I’m going to go with option 3 because I don’t want to buy anything for the new owners of my old residence; I’m not interested in contacting strangers and asking them to do me a favor; and I can wait an extra week for getting the movies.

BestBuy order list

So I’ll re-order the movies in another week and see how that goes.

Oh ya, on the UPS-USPS thing.  BestBuy ships directly from one of their warehouses via UPS, that delivery is then dropped off at USPS.  Strange?  I think so too.

BestBuy shipping mess up

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