Microsoft Office 2007 Pre-Cache

July 17, 2007 – 10:14 am

Microsoft Office 2007 Pre-CacheThe Office 2007 DVD is great if you are installing the software once.  Or twice.  But when you are at a company and need to install it for several computers, there are easier ways.

Of course you could be cool and pay for Microsoft’s management software (MOM, those were the days) or you could save yourself thousands of dollars and odd licensing and instead do things the old school way.  That’s my way, the old and reliable and not-requiring-new-software-purchase-to-install-more-software way.  Here’s the easy on setting up the pre-cache for Microsoft Office 2007.

Office 2007 uses a folder titled MSOCACHE for its core installation and functionality process. The folder is created and filled during the Office 2007 installation.  The purpose of pre-caching is to avoid excess network lag or traffic (which might reduce available bandwidth and increase delays for World Of Warcraft or StarCraft or Civiliation or.. oops, off topic)   Here are the steps for pre-caching:

  1. From the network drive where the install files exist, open the config.xml file in Notepad
     (the config.xml file is located in the core product folder, like Pro.WW for Office Professional 2007);
  2. Search for the “<LIS>” element, and uncomment the line by deleting the opening “<!–” and closing “–>” tags;
  3. Change the <CACHEACTION> attribute to “CacheOnly”
    (The line in Config.xml should look like : <LIS CACHEACTION=”CacheOnly” /> );
  4. Save the config.xml file;
  5. Run the setup file on the users’ computer, specifying the fully qualified path to the (now modified) config.xml
    ( \\<server>\<share>\office12\setup.exe /config \\<server>\<share>\office12\Pro.WW\config.xml )

While this won’t solve any of life’s issues with Office 2007 (and yes, there are many), it will help people like my friend at Cigna when they get around to installing on the thousands of computers.

BTW: Now you owe me a beer Daryl!

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