Laptops In Trouble Again

July 5, 2007 – 10:55 am

Laptops In TroubleThe largest manufacturer of laptops, worldwide, is Quanta Computer. You might not have heard of Quanta Computer, but you’ve heard of their customers, here’s a partial list: Apple, Dell, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, Matsushita Electric Industrial, and Sony.  So why are laptops in trouble again?  Because LG sucks at sharing.

LG Electronics is suing Quanta Computer for infringing on one or more of it’s DVD patents.  I’m pretty sure that it’s easy to infringe on the patent area of LG, since LG claims to having over 5,000 international patents on DVD technology.  How is it possible to not infringe?  Seems that it’s only going to increase prices for the consumer if LG wins.

If LG wins the lawsuit, Quanta will have to pay lots of money.  If Quanta has to pay lots of money, they will probably also have to start paying LG for each DVD device, causing them to increase the price of their laptops.  Quanta raises the price 1R, then the brand name raises the price 1.1R (or something like that) and now, you and I get to pay more money then before.

The laptop shown below is just interesting to me because it sells for $350,000.  Of course there are reasons for the price, like being 1 of 100, having diamonds and gold.  But I think because the designer has the name “Beer”, as in Master Goldsmith Laurent de Beer.

Diamond Laptop only $350,000

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