Acer AL2216W 22″ LCD

July 3, 2007 – 12:45 pm

Acer AL2216w LCDI’ve been upgrading most of the displays at work.  LCD pricing has come down a lot.  Last month the deal was with ViewSonic but this month they are pushing their LCD/TV display (which is priced well, but not what I’m looking for).  So I placed an order for several of the Acer 22″ AL2216w LCD monitors.

At work and home I have gone through a lot of different LCD companies.  The fact that most LCDs are branded by someone other than the manufacturer no longer surprises me (even learning that LG made Apple Cinema Displays at one point).  What makes me wonder is why the large spread of pricing, I guess it’s a function of greed or poor consumer understanding.

The Acers will be replacing some Dell 2001FP 20″ LCDs, with those going to replace some Viewsonic 17″ and 19″ LCDs.  No LCDs will be thrown out in this process, but one or more people might soon have dual displays on their desk (they should thank me later).

The specs are as follows:
700:1 contrast ratio (meaning that it’s bright and easy to see even in well lit environments);
16:9 aspect ratio (you’re old Die Hard movies won’t be squashed and those black bars framing the picture will be gone);
1650 x 1050 resolution (more icons and stuff on your desktop will fit).

Though I have only seen one of these LCDs so far at work (on a co-worker’s desk), I’m highly considering replacing my Viewsonic VG2230wm with this display, especially for sub $230.

Acer AL2216w 22inch LCD

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