New Epson Perfection V350 Scanner

June 30, 2007 – 9:41 pm

Epson Perfection V350 scannerWhere I work there are many opportunities to use electronic equipment.  From computers, to network switches and firewalls, to stereos, to printers, to whatever else most people come in contact with in the workplace.  I’ve recently gotten to use a new scanner, at least it’s new to me.

The scanner I’m talking about is the Epson Perfection V350.  I know, it’s just a scanner.  But because the art department depends on good scanners, and I like to have something that works on a PC and a Mac, this scanner has become my new favorite.

Scanning is possible at 48-bit and you can scan in such useless sizes as 4800 x 9600 (hardware functinoal) or up to 12,000 x 12,000 with the assistance of software.  Of course, nobody uses something like that, at least I wouldn’t think they would.  Anyone requiring that sort of resolution should be using drum scanners.

Since there was only USB as a connectivity option, firewire was out and many artists believed they could detect the speed difference, but I’m pretty sure that sustained data transfer speeds are too close to detect anything.  I did some testing at 4800 x 4800 DPI using this scanner and an older one with firewire and the time for data transfer appeared the same (8 seconds vs. 9 seconds, if that big of a difference).

The hightened lid helps for allowing light and often makes the 3-dimensional items scanned have a cleaner look.  Using the negatives/photo options is a nice feature, but not necessary at work. 

I had the option to buy this or another scanner for work, so I bought both.  The HP I compared it to was nice, but costs more money and didn’t have any more options (and didn’t configure correctly the first time on one of the Macs).

Though this isn’t the professional drum scanner, it more than handles the every day work for personal and home use and the price is more than fair : sub $150.

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