Everything Butt Streakers

June 20, 2007 – 11:36 am

Everything Butt StreakersThere are plenty of sites with plenty of information online.  In fact, a proper Google search will yield more information than any team of researchers could use (except for maybe on cancer).  This site definitely gives enough information, maybe too much.

The site is City-Data.com and it is easy to use.

Start on the first page and just enter your zip code (or you can click around on states and cities).  After you enter your zip code be preparted because the information comes on strong and fast.  The page has more information than I can imagine ever needing.

I told a realtor friend of mine about the site and he thanked several times, saying that the information on the site use to require searching many sites to gather just a percentage of the overall info.

Links: www.city-data.com

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