Dockers = Free Flight

June 4, 2007 – 1:06 pm

Docker's Free FlightI’m like most grown men, I could always use a nice pair of pants.  And like most men, I don’t usually buy myself clothes (there are women in my life that want clothes more than I need them).  I’m probably going to make an exception now though, as it seems I can buy pants and fly for free.

Usually there are good deals online and they vary from being discounts on things (I bought my last three cameras on discount) or getting things for free (there are three or eight million get-things-free websites online).  This is a great deal for me, because if it’s as hassle free as it appears I’m in.

Buy at least $125 worth of Docker’s pants, get a free roundtrip airline ticket to one of 10 different destinations (and this isn’t really obscure places, it’s major US cities).

Docker's Free Flight
I’m probably going to do this a couple times.. free flights!

I’m highly recommending this, as it would allow you to take a flight for free and if you need the pants then it is a great deal.


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  2. Hi. Your blog came up when I did a search under jc penney/dockers free flights.
    Wondering if you received your airline tickets? I’ve been waiting for a
    call back from Dockers since they received our booking request form
    and have yet to receive one. So I was beginning to wonder if this
    whole deal was a scam.

    By Wendy on Feb 17, 2008

  3. I ordered three qualifying sets, but only received one set of the pants. I did receive the airline ticket (voucher) as well. Contact the concierge service: 866-377-4084 and let me know how it goes.

    By dms on Feb 19, 2008

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