Magnum vs Prius

June 1, 2007 – 8:46 pm

Magnum vs. PriusDodge Magnum SRT8 vs. Toyota Prius.  Ya baby, it’s on like Donkey Kong!  Seriously, maybe not.  I’m not going to compare my superior Dodge Magnum SRT8 over the Toyota Prius, mostly because there’s not much to compare.

The Magnum has more power, greater looks, more comfortable ride, nicer creature comforts, and it’s the car that I own.

When I bought my 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8 in June 2006, I actually intended on buying the Dodge Charger SRT8.  The reason for not buying the Charger was that it wasn’t available in silver.  The reason for buying the Magnum, yep, is because it was available in silver.

Of course I bought the SRT8 because I’m still interested in having a car with a lot of horsepower, 425HP. The torque is rated at 420, but I’m pretty sure that mine has more.  Not due to any upgrading, but because it’s mine! 

In the near future, when I see the 2008 Magnum SRT8 and the new grille and hood, I’ll be buying some new parts and making changes to my car.  The grille is not as important of a change to me as the hood, the hood scoop is a must have for looks.

As for comparing the power of the Prius with the Magnum SRT8:
 Prius has 78HP total; the Magnum SRT8 has 70HP per liter (and with 6.1 liters, it is a clear winner)

While my car does not get the incredible mileage of the Prius, I can drive very conservatively still get better mileage than any of the cars I’ve owned before:

Magnum vs. Prius

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